Vajpayee Govt built 50% of National Highways built in last 30 Years

Central Government has revealed in Supreme Court that the NDA Government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee built nearly 50 percent of the total length of National Highways constructed during last 30 years.

In an affidavit filed before the Supreme Court of India, the Government Counsel revealed that 47,795km length of National Highways were laid during last 30 years. It further stated that 23,814km of NH was constructed during  the Ninth Five Year Plan 1997-2002, when NDA Government was in power. This is the record length of National Highway constructed during any Government’s regime ever since Independence.

The Affidavit further says that during the last 9 year rule of UPA Government, only 16000 km of National Highways could be laid.

The Central Government had planned to construct only 3000 km of National Highways during 2012-17, but  it decided to de-notify 530 km of national highways in Madhya Pradesh and 627 km in Gujarat, this reducing the total length to 1850km only.