CBI asked to probe Navruna Chakravarty Abduction Case

Bihar Government has decided that Central Bureau of Investigation would probe the Abduction Case of Navruna Chakravarty, who has been missing from her home in Muzaffarpur since September 2013.  A Notification regarding the same was issued today by Government.

navaruna chakravarty

Navaruna Chakravarty has been missing since September 2012

13 Year old Navruna Chakravarty was a class 7th student of St. Xavier School, Muzaffarpur. She was abducted by unidentified criminals from her home in a posh area of Muzaffarpur  on the intervening night of 18-19th September, 2012.

Reports say that she and her parents went to bed around 12 “o” clock in the night and when the parents went into her bedroom at 4 am in the morning, she was not there. 3 rods in the window were broken. It appeared that due to fear, the girl urinated in her bed. Very same day the father of the girl Mr. Atulya Chakravarty went to police station and filed complaints regarding this ghastly incidents.

Her Parents have been demanding a CBI probe since  beginning .  “We cannot wait any longer. The police have been repeatedly giving false assurances that they would recover my daughter. We demand a CBI probe,” said Atulya Chakravorty.

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They also met President Pranab Mukherjee in December 2012 and sought his help in tracing her. Read:  Parents of Navaruna seek help from President Pranab Mukherjee

On September 2, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said that he would recommend CBI to investigate this case.

“We do not have any problem in recommending the case to the CBI. If the agency can solve the mystery, nothing can be better.” said Nitish Kumar on the sidelines of Janta Darbar.