Patna Airport gets Women driven Prepaid Auto Services

Women driven Prepaid Auto Services has started at Patna Airport. Earlier such a service was running at Patna Railway Station. The Prepaid Auto run by Female Drivers is a landmark step towards women upliftment in Bihar. Besides providing employment opportunities to these women, it would also make the travel safe for other women.

Auto Rickshaw

Several Women driven Auto Rickshaws have come up at Patna

These Woman Drivers have received training under under the aegis of Patna District Auto Drivers Union. They have  also been trained in Self Defense techniques such as martial arts.

A training camp would be organized by Auto Drivers Union for Women willing to learn Auto Driving towards the end of September on the ground of Bihar Veterinary College.

In August, a batch of 15 women auto rickshaw drivers started operating the commercial vehicle  at Patna Junction and Gandhi Maidan. Encouraged by their success  the State Government provided licenses to 18 more female drivers.

They were also provided a loan of Rs.1.5-2 lakh from Banks while the Women themselves invested Rs.10,000-20,000 each. They are required to pay back Rs.3,000-4,000 towards Equated Monthly Installment of the loan.