Will Anita Advani divulge her Secrets with Rajesh Khanna in Bigg Boss ?

Anita Advani, the lady who came to controversy after the death of Superstar Rajesh Khanna has been again brought into limelight when she was included in the Bigg Boss 7.

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Anita was close to the superstar during his last days and some say that she was his live-in partner following separation with his wife Dimple Kapadia.

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With Anita in the Bigg Boss House, audience are expecting her to reveal some of the less known things about her and Kakaji (this is how Rajesh Khanna used to be called).

Advani says she hopes to use the show as a platform to talk about how she has been wronged. “I hope to bring to the fore certain issues that bother me. Apart from the injustice, I want to bring to people’s notice how women everywhere are being treated as commodities,” she said in an interview before entering the Bigg Boss house.

Anita and Dimple are fighting lawsuits over the property of Late Superstar and they have accused each other of cheating.

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However she refuses to divulge the secrets. “It’s a domestic matter and I have to respect the privacy of his and my life together,” she says.

Anita has not only demanded a share of Rajesh Khanna’s property, she had also accused him of domestic violence!.

Update: On September 17, Anita admitted her love for Rajesh Khanna in front of another Bigg Boss inmate VJ Andy. She spoke about how she had known Rajesh Khanna since childhood and how deeply she was in love with him. She also said that he was a gem of a person, said a source. She further added that they couldn’t get married as the late superstar wasn’t divorced.