Get ready for second freedom struggle: Anna Hazare to Farmers

Bhubaneswar: The freedom as envisioned by the martyrs has not yet been achieved and the people should get ready to fight a second freedom struggle, social activist Anna Hazare said here Tuesday.

The present political system was interested only in personal ambitions and favouring industrialists and corporates, neglecting the common men and peasants, said Hazare while addressing a gathering here.

Hazare said the change is possible when the central focus of the government would be on rural areas. “The focus should have been on the villages after independence but the priority has been given to cities,” he said.

People are the owner of land, forest and water. The development will take place when people protect these resources and utilise them properly, Hazare said.

Hitting out at the political parties for ignoring the plight of the farmers, he said their problems would be solved when more farmers will be elected.

“I know that we cannot send many (farmers) to parliament after this election. But we can try to send at least 100 of their representatives to parliament in 2019 or 2024 election,” he said.