Ajay Devgn and Shriya Saran shine in the first look poster of Drishyam

The First Look of Bollywood film Drishyam is out and it shows Ajay Devgn and Shriya Saran in lead roles. Shriya Saran plays the wife of Ajay Devgn while Tabu plays role of a Police Officer. It is a family thriller film, which is the remake of Malayalam film of the same name.

Ajay Devgn and Shriya Saran with their daughters in first look of Drishyam

Ajay Devgn and Shriya Saran with their daughters in first look of Drishyam

Below is the Plot of original Malayalam movie starring Mohanlal. The Plot of this movie would be similar to this.

George (to be played by Ajay Devgn) is an orphan who had dropped out of school after the fourth grade. Now he is a businessman running a cable TV service in a rural area. He is married to Rani (Shriya Saran) and they have two daughters, Anju , a Plus Two student, and Anu a student of class sixth. His only interest apart from his family is watching films. He spends most of his time in front of the TV in his small office.

During a nature camp, Anju gets photographed in the bathroom by a hidden cell phone. The culprit, Varun is the son of police inspector general Geeta (Tabu). Varun is accidentally killed by Rani and her daughter when he comes to blackmail them. They hide his body in a compost pit, which is witnessed by Anu. Rani tells George about the incident and he devises a way to save his family from the law. He removes the broken cell phone and disposes of Varun’s car, which is seen by Constable Sahadevan , who has a grudge against George. George takes them out on a trip to Thodupuzha to pray in a church, watch a movie and eat at a restaurant. Geeta, realizing that her son has gone missing starts an investigation.

After a preliminary investigation, Geeta calls George and family for questioning. George had predicted that this would happen and taught his family how to change their alibi at the time of murder. When questioned individually, they replied the same thing and they had also shown the bill of the restaurant,the movie ticket and the bus journeys’ tickets as proof of their alibi. Geeta questions the owners of the establishments they have been to and their statements prove George’s alibi. Geeta realises that on the day of the incident, George had taken the tickets and the bill, made acquaintance with the owners and had gone for the trip with his family the next day, thus proving his alibi and making the owners unwittingly tell the lie.

Geeta arrests George and family and Sahadevan uses brute force to beat the truth out of them. Eventually, Anu gives in and reveals the place where the body is buried. After digging the compost pit,they find the carcass of a calf, indicating that George had moved the body. Anu reports to the media and complains against Sahadevan. The constable is suspended and Geeta resigns from her post. Geeta and her husband meet George to ask forgiveness for their rude and violent behavior. But George indirectly tells them that he had got rid of ‘the uninvited guest’. George, now in remand, signs a register at the newly constructed local police station. As he leaves, a flashback shows him leaving the incomplete police station with a shovel in hand, indicating that he has hidden Varun’s body in the foundations of the police station itself.