Indian Army inducts 25km ranged, Surface to Air Akash Missile into its Arsenal

New Delhi: Indian Army inducted the ‘Akash’ missile system into its arsenal on Tuesday (May 05) to protect the country from possible aerial threats.

It is a surface-to-air short range defence system that operates up to a maximum range of 25 kilometres and up to an altitude of 20 kilometres. The missile system can detect aerial threats from enemy’s fighter planes, helicopters, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.

It can evaluate and track danger and is capable of launching missiles on the information obtained by the radar system. Developed by the Defence Research Development Organisation, the Akash missile system is also capable of engaging multiple threats simultaneously and can provide comprehensive short range missile cover to the vulnerable assets in the field.

Suhag stressed that modernisation of the army is a key agenda in his mind, and air defence weapons system is one of the seven critical areas identified as part of modernisation. He said that it was a great moment for the country.

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