Lindsay Lohan arrives in New York for 115 hours of community service

New York: Actress Lindsay Lohan avoided the press as she arrived to complete her community service on Wednesday (May 13) in Brooklyn, New York. Reports say Lohan arrived through a side door at the Duffield Children’s Center.

“I want to come out here today and acknowledge, of course you guys have been waiting for a couple of days, to confirm Lindsay Lohan is here. I am out telling you she is here. She has started her community service today. Today she is doing clerical work, she has completing some of the clearances that we need. And she will be here pretty much all day,” said Ivonne Lopez, the director of early childhood programs for Brooklyn community services.

The 28-year-old “Mean Girls” star was ordered to complete 30 days of community service in addition to rehabilitation and therapy as part of a 2013 plea deal after she crashed her Porsche into dump truck near Los Angeles en route to the set of TV movie “Liz & Dick” and later lied to police.

The actress, who has been living in London, needs to complete 115 hours of court ordered community service by May 28.

Lohan has been arrested in the past for drunk driving and theft before the 2012 car crash. She has been on probation since 2007 and gone to rehab six times.