Man faces 20 years in Jail for stalking Sandra Bullock

Los Angeles: A Man named Joshua Corbett, who allegedly stalked Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock faces a prison term of 20 years if charges against him are proved. The man has been accused of breaking into Sandra Bullock’s home entered a not guilty plea to more than two dozen charges on Wednesday (May 06). He appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom, but remained silent as his attorneys entered his plea. A member of his legal team, Steve Sitkoff, spoke after the arraignment.

Steve Sitkoff, Joshua Corbett’s attorney, says “He’s mentally disturbed. He’s getting some help in jail, but he’s not getting the kind of help he can get. Never intended to hurt Miss Bullock and we’re going to show that…He really thought that he was married to her. It wasn’t real. It was a delusion, but he doesn’t think that anymore.”

Bullock was at home during the alleged break-in, which occurred at her Beverly Hills residence last June.

Corbett faces more than 20 years in prison if convicted as charged.