People should be prepared for Aftershocks for next 1 Month: Director, Indian Meteorological Dept

New Delhi: The Director General of Indian Meteorological Dept, L S Rathore on Tuesday said that earthquake aftershocks will continue for weeks or may be months after earthquake of 7.4 magnitude struck Nepal again, just 16 days after a 7.9 magnitude quake had killed nearly 8,000 people leaving more than 16,000 injured in Nepal.

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In Delhi and parts of the National Capital Region, people were seen running out of their houses and offices. There are reports of tremors from Patna, Kolkata, Chandigarh and other cities.

The Director of Seismology department of Indian Meteorological Department, JL Gautam said that tremors were felts as aftershocks of the previous 7.8 magnitude quake that hit Nepal 16 days ago. He added that more aftershocks may also be felt.

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The tremors also lead to suspension of metro services for a short period of time.

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