ISIS launches its own Gold minted Dinars and Dirhams

A heavily produced propaganda video from Islamic State purports to show a newly minted form of coin currency for use within territory I.S. militants have claimed. Gavino Garay reports.

In gold, silver and copper, Islamic State says it’s launching its own dinars and dirhams — with it’s highest form of currency featuring a world map, including the Americas, where it says its reign will reach.

The group says the currency will hurt the dollar and the U.S. financial system.

But what the video does not explain is how the coins are minted, or how they’ll replace currency in Iraq and Syria — a caliphate they’re fighting to establish.

Islamic State militants have launched a brutal campaign in those areas backed by fear tactics, mass executions, and the beheading of westerners and non-Sunni Muslims.

But with this latest video, the group appears eager to show another side.

The new currency, it says, has been “made from the measures of wealth that Allah created.”