Bihar Govt to install CCTV Cameras at all Examination Centers to curb Cheating

Patna: In an attempt to curb the menace of Cheating which has become synonymous to examinations in Bihar, the State Education Department has decided to implement a series of measures which include installing CCTV Cameras at all examination centers.

Cheating during Bihar Board Examinations in 2015

Cheating during Bihar Board Examinations in 2015

Additionally, the feeds of such cameras would be live telecast to various control rooms. More security personnel would be deployed at each examination centers.

It is not clear how many CCTV cameras would be installed in each examination hall. Typically 3-4 such cameras are needed to provide a 360 degree view of an average sized hall.

“We have decided not to tolerate and compromise on this anymore. The Grand Alliance-led government is committed to ensure cheating-free exams,” state education minister Ashok Choudhary said, according to news reports.

If cheating would be reported from any centre, exams there would be cancelled and action taken against officials and teachers. According to the latest guidelines, not more than 3 students would be allowed to share a bench during any exam to minimise the chances of cheating.

Around 30 Lakh students would appear for Class 10 and Class 12 Board Examinations this year conducted by Bihar State Examination Board. It is feared that which such strict measures the pass percentage would fall drastically, as it happened in 1996.

Last year, the State Goverment suffered humiliation after the photographs of cheating in Board Examinations went viral in Social Media and mainstream media. Several global news outlets highlighted this, turning the image of the state dim. The Government is extra-cautious this time, unwilling to repeat what had happened in 2015.