Human Trafficking? 3000 Girls went missing in Bihar in 2016

Patna: In what may the case of Human Trafficking, over 3000 Girls have went missing from January to December 2016. According to statistics of National Crime Records Bureau, 3037 counts of Missing complaints have been filed for girls last year.

In most of the cases, girls are lured in love affairs by members of organized trafficking syndicate and later trafficked out of the state. Most of them hardly return back to their parents. Not to mention, the syndicate involves both men and women. Girls from economically poor families are their prime target, who easily fall prey to promises of decent job, love or marriage.

According to local newspapers, a school girl was abducted on 25th December last year and was later retrieved from Agra this month. She was trafficked out of the state and sold multiple times. It was only after her mother went for massive protests, the Police came into action and was able to recover her.

But, most victims are not lucky as her. Reports suggest that they are married off after abduction and later sold of multiple times after which they become untraceable.In 2013, as many as 2674 cases of missing complaints was filed. Out of them, 633 girls are still missing.

Police remains highly inefficient in tracing the missing persons. Most of the times, it is the parents and relatives of the victims, who carry out tracing efforts at their own level.