Singer Soumita Saha releases new song to celebrate International Music Day

Music can literally change our lives because it has the power to change the world. Bob Marley once said ‘Without music, our Life would have been a mistake’. June 21 is celebrated worldwide as World Music Day. Also known as Fête de la Musique, this day is celebrated across more than 120 countries.

On the occasion of International Music Day, Kolkata’s Singing Sensation Soumita Saha has come up with a new song titled Tomar Khola Hawa. The song was written by Rabindranath Tagore in the year 1914 (Bengali calendar date: 17th Bhadra) and is based on Indian Folk Music. The song been released under the banner of “Best Of City of Joy”. The musical arrangement for the song has been created by Tom Bailey while the vocal has been recorded and mixed by Rana Monal at studio RJ.

Soumita Saha on World Music Day

Soumita Saha on World Music Day

Many of us are unacquainted to the fact that folk music is classified into different genres depending on places, situations and people. Tomar Khola Hawa belongs to the “Shaari Gaan” genre of Indian Folk. Shaari Gaan was originally practiced by Boatmen of West Bengal. Tomar Khola Hawa is lyrically a devotional song where the poets dedicates his devotion to god saying “Touch my sail with your fresh gush of wind, break my anchor, I do not even regret if I sink.”

In the words of Soumita, “Musicians have only one religion and that is Music. The Music is my Almighty whom I request to touch my sail with fresh gush of wind. I don’t regret to sink even if my anchor breaks down. To me, sinking in ocean of Music is a bliss” .

Soumita has crafted a special place for her in the arena of Rabindra Sangeet. She is capable of performing equally good with traditional as well as modern arrangements. She has provided some of the most admirable renditions of Rabindra Sangeet with songs like Nisarga Madhuri, Gram Chhara oi Raanga Matir Poth and now Tomar Khola Hawa. She gained further popularity owing to her unique style of singing that bridged the gap between the traditional style and new age presentation. Her recent music Album Nisarga Madhuri received immense appreciations from audience.