Graves of British rulers in neglected state

Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh), July 17 (ANI): Tourists visiting Dharamshala are left disappointed with the neglected state of British cemetery around the St. John Church. The place has graves of many prominent British personalities but unfortunately they are all badly damaged. Both locals and tourists feel that the government needs to put some serious efforts to maintain the beauty of the cemetery. Garbage and cattle in the graveyard worsen the situation. Prem Sagar, local resident and a travel agent, said the church and graveyard needs to be taken care of. He also discussed how people locally known as ‘kabari walas’ ruined the beauty of this place within one year of 1996. It was the year when the then minister put some efforts to decorate the Church and he put beautiful railing on the edges of the church alongside the road.

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