Singer Soumita Saha comes up with a song depicting pain of Abandoned Lovers

Noted Singer and Kolkata’s Singing Sensation Soumita Saha is all set to release her next song “Tomay Gaan Shonabo” on Wednesday, July 5 in collaboration with noted Guitarist and Music Arranger Debanjan Dhar. Soumita, who had raised eyebrows in past with songs like The Emptiness and Nisarga Madhuri is back this time to the Pathos genre, depicting the pain of abandoned lovers.

“Tomay Gaan Shonabo“ is a love song written by Rabindra Nath Tagore. This song was first published in Shantiniketan Patrika in the year 1923. Interestingly, Tagore himself translated the song to English.

“You keep me awake that I may sing to you, O Breaker of my sleep!
And so my heart you startle with your call, O Waker of my grief!
The shades of evening fall, the birds come to their nest.
The boat arrives ashore, yet my heart knows no rest, O Waker of my grief!”

Soumita Saha in Tomay Gaan Shonabo

Soumita Saha in Tomay Gaan Shonabo

Speaking about the song and its meaning Soumita says, “the song is based on Raaga Pilu. Raaga Pilu itself is has a melancholic touch as this Raaga has “nyas” notes on Komal Gandhar and Shuddha Nishad of Mandra Saptak. I think the perfect amalgamation of Raaga Pilu in Taal Dadra is contributing more to the departure destitute the song depicts. This love song is lot more about a departure that is painful, certainly most departures are painful. But unlike another love songs, this love song ends with a note of hope. The abandoned lover promises to sing for the heartbreak. I think, if we think beyond music, Tagore teaches us the meaning of well being everyday. Departures are not about nurturing hatred, rather a return gift in the form of music is more healing, more graceful and more blissful”.

The song will be released on Soumita’s official Youtube channel on July 5th and shall be distributed to other channels later. The song has been mixed and recorded by Rana Mondal at Studio RJ .

Soumita Saha is a 24 year old Singer from Kolkata. At the age of 19, she became Internet Sensation through her songs and since then she has been consistently in limelight. She has been often referred by media as ‘Justin Bieber of Kolkata’. She is well known for her contribution to Rabindra Sangeet and has worked in several music albums based on it. She has appeared in numerous TV as well in popular Musical Shows like Geet Sangeet by Channel Vision and several other shows on Rupashi Bangla and OM Bangla. She is also associated with Tollywood.

Debanjan Dhar is noted Guitarist and Music Arranger from Kolkata. He is a succesful disciple of famous artist Rajat Nandi. He is employed as an Engineer in Indian Railways but continues to explore music in his own way.