Water purification plant serves as an example of brotherhood

West Midnapore (West Bengal), Sep 25 (ANI): From long now West Midnapore district has been showcasing a bond of brotherhood between the people of different communities. Taking this practice forward, a water purification plant has been set up jointly by Hindus and Muslims. Within a year from its start, this water purifying plant ‘4H Aqua’ has expanded its base to many districts in West Bengal. This small industry situated in this rural setting of Burapat has become a source of employment in the region. Purified drinking water has become a necessity in the urban areas of West Bengal. Looking to provide the same, various communities in West Midnapore took the initiative to provide clean water to these areas. The small factory has now become a major source of income for many individuals in the region. The workers get good salary and receive bonuses from time to time. No matter, from which religion these people come from, they work hard in their job and keep their work on priority rather than religion, caste, creed or race.

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