Students of this school can write with both hands

any class of Shriram Kannada Convent School and they can write with both hands. A LKG student finishes writing the alphabets on the board within 30 seconds by using both the hands. The school is known for making classes interesting by conducting brainstorming sessions, which make learning easier and quicker. The teachers bring aspects of creativity into all subjects while teaching.The students of Class-I can tell the names of the countries that begin with each letter of the alphabet and narrate the mythological stories using all the 49 Kannada letters in order. They are trained to write alphabets in code language and decode the sentence within no time. They also solve complex mathematics problem within seconds and read tables backwards. Besides the academic syllabus, the school is imparting education in agriculture. After study hours, students spend time in model farm of 1,000 square feet created on school campus to teach the children about cultivation of various crops, different methods of irrigation and removal of weeds.

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