Air Fire Rescue Task Forces set up to ensure safety in Tokyo city

Tokyo (Japan), Dec 14(ANI): Tokyo’s skyline is dotted with many skyscrapers. And, authorities always remain on their toes during an accident or disaster. “The Tokyo Fire Department Aviation Unit” is a firefighting team specialized in aviation. A new unit named “Air Fire Rescue Task Forces” has been established In order to respond promptly to disasters caused by an earthquake directly under the capital or disasters in skyscrapers located in overcrowded urban areas. The unit will help to protect Tokyo from the risk of disasters as it is preparing to hold the Olympic Games in 2020. “Air Fire Rescue Task Forces” will move quickly and accurately, using the special helicopter. The helicopter, it is loaded with special equipment and facilities. The camera and video transmission, the rescue hoist system, the fire attacker for spray water and so on. Also, the team can rescue using some special stretchers and an emergency bag containing equipment to help the patient. Members of the unit also helped in overseas disasters. Like Bangladesh cyclone disaster, Indonesian forest fire, Sumatra-Andaman earthquake. Air Fire Rescue task Forces continue disaster relief not only in Tokyo but also in countries around the world.

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