Spreading message of unity, procession comes to rest in Kalaburagi

Kalaburagi (Karnataka), Dec 11 (ANI): This procession of five-faced idol of Lord Shiva came to a rest after a three-year long journey at Kalaburagi in southern Indian state of Karnataka. People from across faiths thronged the roads in Kalaburagi to seek blessings of their beloved lord Shiva and their spiritual guru Mallinath, who led the procession in his decorated red jeep. This procession was started off from Solapur in Maharashtra three years ago. Visiting all twelve Jyotirlingams situated in almost every direction of our country, Mallinath Baba and his followers called upon the citizens of India to stay united irrespective of caste, creed and religion. A grand welcome was observed in Kalaburagi for their beloved lord Shiva and spiritual leader Mallinath Baba. Acts like this embolden the secular fabric of our country. We may speak different languages, espouse different religions, eat different cuisines but our hearts beat in sync with the unity of India.

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