An Interview with Ishq Fame Soumita Saha

Singer Soumita Saha, who recently made her International Debut with the song Ishq is unfazed about its success. According to her, it was a small attempt to add few bits of love to the Valentine’s Week, but it yielded immensely positive results. It was released on February 1 and has been downloaded more than 10000 times since then. The song’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that it was also played on several Radio Stations across countries. It has been released by famous LoudDj Records from Miami, United States and is available for download on several music streaming services including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Beatport and Saavn.

In an candid Interview, Soumita Saha opens up about the song and its inception. Below are the excerpts:

Do you expect people to call you ‘Ishq girl’ Instead of ‘Emptiness Girl’?

Well, I don’t think people would call me ‘Emptiness Girl’ any longer. I get to hear they talk about the Tagore’s songs I have recorded so far. I would prefer to stick to the experimentation without disturbing the authenticity of the genre. I do expect ‘Ishq’ to do well, and I would be more than happy if people call me ‘Ishq girl’.

The name ‘Ishq’ sounds romantic! Are you a romantic person youself?

I consider myself a below-average student of romance. (Laughs) But I don’t want to deprive people from my honest opinion. If you give your 100% dedication to music, it becomes the ‘Ishq’ of your life. When it comes to romancing with music, ‘Mein Sharukh ki female version hoon’ (I am the female version of SRK).


Soumita Saha recently made her International Debut with the Song Ishq

Soumita Saha recently made her International Debut with the Song Ishq

Now that you have worked with an International record label, do you feel any kind of pressure to deliver a hit every time you go to recording studio?

Yes, the pressure exists but that kind of pressure has got a positive aspect too and any pressure that’s positive is certainly good for me and I very well enjoy it. Working with International record labels was certainly something that enhanced my confidence and I don’t feel recording studio pressure any longer. Since my teenage days, I have been assisting my father in music arrangements and compositions as well, therefore recording studios are like a second home to me.

How was your experience working with Kraxus?

If I try to explain in one word, I would say ‘Fabulous’. Kraxus is my friend Kalpesh’s stage name, the fame that this name earned him made him select ‘Kraxus’ as the name when it came to music production. Kalpesh Kashid is a very talented person and above everything else he respects intellectual freedom of an artist.The uniqueness Kraxus always managed to exhibit through his work always amazed audience. I think this is the result of his tireless dedication to music. When he approached me for this project, I was given 100% freedom to understand and present the single the way I wanted. I think this kind of understanding is very important .

Do you think artistic freedom can be counted as basic need?

I think the Artistic freedom is the most important part of any song. Trust me, if a singer is not given 100% artistic freedom, the song becomes just a poem recited in human voice. Lyrics and notions become song when you can feel it . Without 100 % artistic freedom it is impossible for a singer to deliver the required feel a song needs.

How many languages can you sing in?

Bengali is my mother tongue. Other languages I can sing includes Hindi and English.

Your musical journey exhibits genre that are poles apart, take Tagore songs and Trance for instance. How do you maintain a balance?

Music has always been my refuge from absurd situations in life. Having grown up in a musically infused environment, I knew Raag Kaafi’s thaat even before stepping into Kindergarten. My father is a renowned Rabindrasangeet exponent and it was he who originally inspired me to explore every genre of music I could relate to. He encouraged me to spread my wings of creatively. Recently, when Kalpesh approached me for the song Ishq, I felt it was something I must do. Even though it was a bit challenging task, I was provided with absolute artistic freedom which helped me in getting things done easily.


Soumita Saha has been a widely appreciated singer since her Childhood

Soumita Saha has been a widely appreciated singer since her Childhood

What is best compliment you have received so far?

Every compliment I receive for my performance is special to me and picking one as the best would be partiality towards my audience and I love them all. But a compliment I received recently is interesting indeed. Somebody recently appreciated one of my music video and suggested me to try acting (giggles).

Any plans of making an acting debut?

(Laughs) Well, I don’t believe in wasting any opportunity. I shall definitely try if I am approached with a good role.

What are your musical ambitions now?

It would be hard for people to accept that a lazy bum like me can be ambitious. These days I am concentrating mostly on originals only. However, I have plans for experimentation with Tagore music too.