Singer Soumita Saha dedicates a poem to the Kathua Rape Victim

The recent rape incidents have shaken the soul of the country. Girls irrespective of their age have been targeted by psychopaths, who have not only committed one of the most heinous crimes, but also have instilled a fear in the mind of a large number of girls in the society. “Men are Social Animal”, the animal part of this adage has been justified by these incidents.


Soumita Saha on Kathua Rape

Soumita Saha on Kathua Rape

Singer Soumita Saha, who is also a strong advocate of Women Rights, feels deeply pained by these incidents. She has penned down the following short poem to express her agony and has dedicated it to Asifa Banu, the 8 year old victim of Kathua Rape and Murder incident.

“The skirt repents, so does jeans, Burkha and salwar consoles,
they know the agony they fail to express, but diapers cry in silent hues.

A Hindu was raped, a muslim was raped makes blood stirring issues,
Women raped is not longer a news.

Sometimes her dress ignited, sometimes her lipstick seemed inviting
Girl your worth finds confinement in lust’s tin can.

She was a budding flower, but inhuman lust hides behind the colors of society
Wasn’t she even worth considering human?”

Soumita Saha, who recently made her International debut with the song Ishq, says that Asifa was a human first. She was a daughter, a sister, yet all media wants to tell is her religion and the associated political propaganda. If you can’t grant her justice, at least allow her to rest in peace. Don’t tear her soul by bringing in her religion into every argument. “Was her life and dignity less important, had she belonged to some other religion?”, questions the songbird.

She further adds, “I am not a feminist, I won’t say girls get raped because men rape them. I would rather say there are certain creatures who look like men but animal from inside. I would oppose anyone who would call such criminals as ‘Men’. I have seen so many men in my life, as a father, as a brother, as a friend, but never seen any ‘men’ with such mentality”.

People who find a religion or a community in the Rape Victim have no idea about the mental and physical trauma she goes through. It is insensitive on part of anyone to bring in any other subject to describe the incident. This can happen to women of any age, religion or community. Close to 100 rape incidents are reported every day in our country, many more remain unreported. Instead of communalising one incident, we should try to find ways to safeguard other women who fall prey to such criminals daily.