Spanish cyclist, on world tour, rides with a message of ‘live your dream’

Agartala (Tripura), May 08 (ANI): Elias Escribano, a cyclist from Spain is currently on a world tour with the message, “live your dream.” The Spanish adventurer said he wanted to motivate young people and urge them to follow their dream. He started his journey on July 10, 2016, and after crossing 27 countries, it is halfway for Elias, who has a target to cover some 40 nations in total in another one-and-a-half years time. During his long tour, Elias passed through Croatia, Greece, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan. He entered Bangladesh on May 06 and is on his way to the capital Dhaka, from where he would visit Myanmar, Thailand, China and other South-East Asian countries.

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