Apps for women to recapitulate their careers post-maternity break

New Delhi, Jun 17(ANI): Women have to excuse themselves from work at various stages but the main upshot often comes during and post pregnancy stages in her life. The not-so-desirable outcome is wherein women have to leave their jobs post-pregnancy. However, there are some apps which help in providing a platform for women on sabbatical and wanting to re-enter the workforce. Few platforms which are dedicatedly working for mothers who wish to join back the workforce: JobsForHer: An online connecting a portal which seamlessly enables women on a professional break to restart their careers and achieve their full potential. Momspresso: A blogging site where the content is created by, of and for mothers, also India’s largest multilingual content platform. V-Pact: It helps in providing part-time opportunities for mothers who are unable to take up full time employment. AVTAR I-WIN: It helps in creating and providing opportunities for women who have taken a break in their careers and wish to return back.

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