Number of trees to be cut in redevelopment project is overstated: NBCC

New Delhi, Jun 24 (ANI): With protests erupting in parts of South Delhi over number of trees to be cut for redevelopment of Nouroji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and Netaji Nagar, Managing Director of NBCC (formerly National Building Construction Corporation Ltd), Anoop Kumar Mittal claimed that trees slated to be cut is much lesser than reported. “We have the permission to cut 1400 trees in Nauroji Nagar and 2200 in Netaji Nagar. Nothing is finalised in Sarojini Nagar yet. That’s only 3600 trees, not 16,000. The number of trees in the four colonies that are to be developed by the CPWD is also less. Replanting and replacement of trees is underway”, said Mittal. “It’s difficult to ascertain that from where the report of cutting 16,000 trees emerged”, he added.

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