Make New Chandigarh Punjab capital, give Chandigarh to Haryana: CM Khattar

Chandigarh, Jul 11 (ANI): Chief Minister of Harayana, Manohar Lal Khattar recently referred to Punjab as Harayan’s elder brother and suggested that all problems of Haryana will get solved if Chandigarh becomes it capital. “If in 1966, we had decided on two different capitals then we wouldn’t have to argue on this, Now, Punjab is developing New Chandigarh so if they make it their new capital and let us take Chandigarh then this problem will be solved itself,” said ML Khattar during an event in Chandigarh. The Haryana Chief Minister asked the Punjab government to make New Chandigarh its capital, and provide Chandigarh as a capital for Haryana to amend the problems in Haryana.

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