Stylish products attract visitors to Design Tokyo Exhibition

Tokyo (Japan), July 12 (ANI): As the fusion of design and technology is progressing more than ever before, it’s not only the latter but the former is also increasingly becoming important in product development. During the exhibition, products in each booth were lined up with inspirational designs as if to show us a glimpse of future generation designs. In addition to design products, items packed with unprecedented ideas were on display. In one booth, a smartwatch that can be charged with user’s body heat was being introduced. Because it generates electricity by temperature difference between outside temperature and body heat of the person who wears it, the watch does not require charging process for general usage. Therefore, no charging cable or AC adapter is necessary. A variety of these stylish products captured visitors’ minds. As the concept of the word “design” is changing itself with times, Japanese companies continue to contribute to the future lifestyle by transmitting creative designs from Japan to the world.

Watch the Video below