Dehradun women make rakhis for Army jawans

Dehradun (HP), Aug 10 (ANI): Handicraft rakhis were made by women for the Army jawans ahead of the Rakshabandhan festival and Independence Day. Organised under the campaign ‘Nation First,’ the rakhi making event will continue for three days. Made by the women of Sanskar Parivar and Ajivika Gyan Vatika, the rakhis were based on the theme of Indian tricolour. The rakhis will be sent to the Army jawans at the border and to the jawans posted in Dehradun. Along with the rakhis, a ‘thank you note’ will also be sent to the jawans. Organiser of the event, Yogacharya Bipin Joshi said that the aim of the ‘Nation First’ campaign is not only to instill a sense of patriotism but to develop love for national festivals.

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