Construction of Dam on Indus River is illegal, unethical, says Sindhi activists

Geneva (Switzerland), Sep 20 (ANI): Sindhi political activists have strongly opposed the construction of Kalabagh Dam on the Indus River and call it an ‘illegal, unethical and immoral’ attempt by Pakistan to deny life to Sindhi people. A side-event titled “Construction of Dam – denial of life to Sindhi People” was held during the ongoing 39th Session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday. Lakhu Luhana, Secretary General of World Sindhi Congress said that the should be raised on international forums, calling this is ‘illegal, unethical and immoral’. Sindhis believe Kalabagh Dam is tantamount to a death warrant for Sindh which cannot be accepted under any compulsion. Dr. Hidayatullah Bhutto, political activist, and UK and Europe organizer of World Sindhi Congress said, “They are building dams against our wishes and we Sindhi’s don’t want any dam on the upper stream because it has affected our lives, our whole culture, our lifeline is destroyed. So, we are against every single dam they are building on the Indus river”.

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