Paramount Bed provides nursing and hospitality service in Japan

Tokyo (Japan), Oct 11 (ANI): Working condition of healthcare industry workers in Japan has become major social issue, and in the midst of such problem “Paramount bed” Japan top medical bed manufacturer has been providing big support for health care workers in hospitals and nursing homes. This is large hospital in central Tokyo. Many patients visit this hospital every day. Professional staff is making the bed in patient’s room. Staff is employee of “Paratechno” company of “Paramount Bed” medical bed manufacturing Company group. Paratechno staff is fully familiar with structure of the bed and how to use it. This special room in the hospital has concierge service.”Paratechno” provides service that enables medical staff to engage in treatment smoothly and efficiently. “Paratechno” offers variety of service in addition to work support in hospitals. Like cleaning of beds, repair, maintenance of medical equipment and rehabilitation equipment, also it provides call center supports system for customers. Medical facilities protect lives of citizens and the presence of skillful staff enables to provide appropriate and smooth medical care service to all patients.

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