Desperate pro-Khalistan organization hits new low

New York (United States), Jan 24: Sikhs for Justice, a US-based pro-Khalistani organisation has hit an all time low in their desperate attempts to propagate anti-India sentiments. The organization’s malicious propaganda has yet again been exposed after it recently launched ‘#BurnTheTricolor’ drive in the West on the occasion of India’s Republic Day celebrations. Several amateur videos have gone viral on social media in which the organisation is seen using children for its anti-India propaganda. Sikhs for Justice is trying to have a gathering of few hundred Sikhs to create law and order situation during the Republic Day celebrations on January 26 in Canada, UK and the United States. The outfit, backed and financed by Pakistan’s spy agency, the ISI, has been desperate in its efforts to propagate anti-India hooliganism. But despite pumping millions of dollars into the dead movement and even giving pro-Khalistan outfits access to their land, Islamabad and it’s puppet anti-India organizations have failed terribly in garnering any support from the Sikh community across the globe. Now, after tasting failure at every level, they are using innocent kids to attain popular support. But their sinister acts will seldom garner them any support, just like they have attained nothing in the past.

Watch the Video below