Hindu and Muslim couples together exchange wedding vows in Moradabad

Moradabad (UP) Feb 18 (ANI): Mass marriages are getting immense popularity these days. In the state of Uttar Pradesh around 180 couples belonging to Hindu and Muslim communities exchanged wedding vows in the presence of their relatives and friends.The ceremonies were conducted by priests and religious leaders in accordance with their respective religions.These events not only help establish a bond of communal harmony among the two communities but also facilitate impoverished sections of the society to celebrate their marriages in a grand manner. An initiative undertaken by the state government is garnering praise among different communities in Uttar Pradesh. As the number of couples exchanging wedding woes has increased from last year, the state government has also increased the fund spent on these ceremonies. Around 60 couples from Muslim community and 120 couples from Hindu community got hitched amidst ritualistic hymns and prayers said by the religious leaders and priests present at the occasion. Blending in with the new culture of mass marriages in the country, many couples from the impoverished sections and different communities are coming up to participate in the event making their wedding celebrations a grand affair. The successful event represented the conglomeration of the wide range of Indian cultures and communities, displaying unity and oneness present among the people of India.

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