India-Nepal relation reached new heights with bilateral visit: Nepal PM

Kathmandu (Nepal), Feb 15 (ANI): Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in his address to the nation has claimed that Indo-Nepal relation is at newer height with bilateral visits made during his tenure. Prime Minister Oli addressed the nation on Thursday on the occasion of completing one year in office which was formed after the three-tier election. Oli further highlighted the progress made during his tenure after he assumed the office in mid-February, 2018. He accredited his visit to India and Indian PM’s two visits to Nepal as the factor to strengthen the relationship between two nations. Along with Nepal’s biggest hydropower project the Arun-III bearing 900 MW production capacities is being on Indian aid whose foundation stone was laid jointly by Nepali and Indian Prime Minister. Apart from these Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli claimed of a technological revolution in the trade with the introduction of various systems and wide access to the Indian ports made during his first year in office.

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