Japanese ministry holds international competition for Japanese cuisine

Tokyo (Japan), Jan 07 (ANI): Elite Washoku chefs from all over the world gathered in Tokyo to show the wonderful skill and art of the tradition cuisine. The final round of “Washoku World Challenge” a cooking contest in which Japanese cuisine chefs from all over the world compete and showcase their technical expertise and passion for Japanese food was held. The contest, the 6th of its kind, is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan for non-Japanese chefs. Six chefs who won the qualifying tournament in five cities worldwide (Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Osaka) were invited to the final tournament. The theme for the 6th Washoku World Challenge is in Japanese “IRODORI (coloration),” focusing on the sense of sight. The six finalists were requested to set dishes based on the theme. Before having a meal, people first enjoy it through eyes. IRODORI (coloration) is a key factor that affects our experience of food, delighting people before even taking a bite and creating high expectation regarding taste. Beautiful works from six wonderful chefs are finally moving to the examination stage. Each work has a variety of original colors and balance. The judgement is about how good is the balance between the container and the food inside, and whether each ingredient is flavored appropriately. After the judgment by Washoku experts, the competition finally moves to the announcement of the winner. The 1st prize of this year went to “Yoo Sung Yeub” from South Korea. His work was highly praised for color of dish and balance of the variety of ingredients. “Washoku” is paid attention from all over the world. “Washoku” has now such an important impact in the food industry as the number of international Washoku chef are increasing year by year.

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