Punjab’s boy weaves new life into the dying ‘grass art’

Patiala (Punjab), Feb 16: Early in the morning, Abhishek Chauhan from Rajpura area of Patiala in Punjab makes his way to the fields to pull out the reed grass that grow in clumps and can reach heights of up to five feet. Then sitting in the lap of the nature, he gets busy with work. Using grass as a medium for his art, Chauhan creates several items like jewellery, bouquet, rakhis and much more, which are completely eco-friendly. Having learnt this grass art from his grandfather, he can also make all this stuff while being blindfolded. His passion to learn as well as raise awareness about this art has also made him to travel across the state of Punjab. Abhishek’s mother has remained as a pillar of support throughout his journey. No matter what the situation is, she had always accompanied him in his work and is proud of the fact that her son is making all his efforts to revive the age old grass art. Till now, Abhishek has made nearly thirty items from grass about which he loves to boast about especially infront of young children so that it can inculcate some sort of interest in them about this art. His efforts are really commendable and will surely draw the attention of people towards this traditional art form.

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