Stop fuelling separatism, asks political activists from Punjab to Khalistani extremists

Ludhiana (Punjab), July 20 (ANI): Political activists from Punjab have asked pro-Khalistani extremists settled abroad to stop fuelling separatism in the state. They have alleged Pakistan for backing these pro-Khalistani elements as they are not loyal to any country. The politicians say that the pro-Khalistan secessionists based in the United Kingdom, Canada and United States, who are demanding an independent Sikh state, are a discredited bunch of people who are working at the behest of Pakistan. Their attempts still did not get any traction amongst the Sikhs living world over and now they want the Pakistani government to openly support their secessionist campaign. `Referendum 2020’, a farcical brainchild of “Sikhs for Justice Group” has gathered no response amongst the masses of Sikhs in the UK or Canada. Pakistan is always looking for an opportunity where it can malign India. However, to its disappointment, it always gets exposed. Indian Sikh pilgrims, who are visiting historical gurudwaras in Pakistan, have remained at the target of Inter-Services Intelligence and once again they are seeking to recruit vulnerable people in Punjab for the purpose of re-fuelling the idea of separatist movement in Punjab.

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