Khalistan separatists trying to make UK as its hub, warns ex-Punjab DGP

Chandigarh, July 31 (ANI): A former top cop from Punjab has claimed that Pakistan backed pro-Khalistan Sikhs are trying to set up their new bases in the United Kingdom, especially Birmingham city. His statement came at the heels of a surge in anti-India Khalistani activities in major cities of the United Kingdom. He also underlined the key role of Pakistan’s spy agency, the ISI in fanning of such sentiments. Shashi Kant further added that the Khalistanis were exploiting the emotions of gullible Punjabis to set their agenda and achieve their diabolic ambitions. Recently India banned Sikhs for Justice, which has tirelessly been working to manipulate the opinion of Sikh diaspora settled across America and Canada. Sikhs for Justice is an anti-India lobby group, which enjoys the patronage of Pakistan’s ISI.

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