Casio provides function calculator to students in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Sep 19 (ANI): Ho Chi Minh is the financial capital of Vietnam with many new major development projects. Japanese companies have been actively participating and helping the development process. Tran Dai Nghia High School ranks among the best schools in Ho Chi Minh City. Maths classes here are a successful example of how Japanese scientific calculators are helping in the development of Vietnamese education system. Scientific calculators allow students to perform calculation quickly so they have more time to focus on concept, and develop better analytic skill to solve problems. The first use of scientific calculator in Maths classes started in Ho Chi Minh in 1995. By 2007, an environment in which all students in Vietnam could learn maths using scientific calculators was established but it came with challenges. The Ministry of Education sponsored training course and competition for math teachers to get knowledge about using scientific calculator so that they could share their knowledge with their students. From last 30 years Bitex Company in Ho Chi Minh is the pioneer of spreading the use of scientific calculator in the country with Japanese manufacturer Casio. Through enthusiastic efforts of education industry, Japanese scientific calculator helps in raising the quality of education in Vietnam.

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