NTT communication introduces cutting edge technology of ICT and data

Tokyo (Japan), Oct 10 (ANI): Data technology is rapidly expanding and creating innovation all over the world. “NTT Communications Forum 2019” was recently held in Tokyo to promote digital transformation of society and technology to realize One Smart World. The forum also offered variety of programs, cooperating with NTT Engineers and exhibition of advanced digital initiatives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the main themes in the exhibition. NTT displayed as how people can experience future working style with modern cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Technologies. AI Operator can answer wide range of inquiries by customer and if the customer decides to speak with a human operator the A.I. connects him with the human operator and A.I. becomes an avatar reflecting the human operator’s speech and even movement of body. Through the exhibition, NTT Communications introduced various initiatives related to “Smart World”, the latest solution and service that utilize digital data. AI service called “Takumi Eyes” is also introduced. It also can track a person through multiple cameras. Although these technologies are widely useful for security purpose, they are also implemented in sports to give viewers a new level of experience. In this booth, using VR technology, participants can even be on stage with famous traditional Kyogen comic actor Mansaku Nomura. Many of these new technologies have broad applications and can be applied all over the world.

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