COVID-19: 18 States have Recovery Rate more than National average

The trend of progressive increase in the number of recovered COVID-19 patients continues. The last 24 hours saw a total of 19,138 COVID-19 patients get cured, taking the cumulative figure of recovered cases among COVID-19 patients to 4,95,515 today. Consequently, the national recovery rate is 62.42% today. There are 2,76,882 active cases and all are under medical supervision.

The improvement in recovery rate is the result of combination of preemptive, proactive and graded steps taken by the Centre in collaboration with the States/UTs. Aggressive testing that ensures early detection of patients; home isolation for the mild/pre-symptomatic patients; effective clinical management of the severe cases through adequate hospital infrastructure which helps in timely triaging of the cases; ramped up hospital infrastructure in the country; and regular and seamless coordination between the Centre and States/UTs have together resulted in the continuously rising Recovery Rate in the country. As of today, we have 1218 Dedicated COVID Hospitals, 2705 Dedicated COVID Healthcare Centres and 10,301 COVID Care Centres.

As the country as a whole witnesses an encouraging upward trend in the Recovery Rate, there are as many as 18 States/UTs with Recovery Rate more than the national average. These are:

State/UTRecovery RateState/UTRecovery Rate
West Bengal64.94%Madhya Pradesh74.85%
Uttar Pradesh65.28%Haryana74.91%
Himachal Pradesh74.21%Ladakh (UT)86.73%

At the national level, the Case Fatality Rate has declined to 2.72%. This is lower than the Fatality Rates observed in many other countries in the world. The focus of COVID-19 management in the country has been to keep the fatalities low. With the support and guidance of the Centre, the States/UTs have taken many steps in this regard like mapping of the communities to focus on the high risk group like the elderly/aged and population with co-morbidities, and providing special care to them. There is a focus on improvement of quality of medical care of COVID patients. The country-wide strong network of ASHAs and ANMs along with Ayushman Bharat – Health and Wellness Centres have helped in effective surveillance and contact tracing of the cases, including the lakhs of migrants and returnees. As a result, there are 30 States/UTs which have a fatality rate lower than the national average. The list is as follows:

State/UTFatality RateState/UTFatality Rate
Nagaland0%Himachal Pradesh0.96%
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu0%Telangana1.07%
Mizoram0%Andhra Pradesh1.16%
A&N Islands0%Puducherry1.22%
Tripura0.06%Tamil Nadu1.39%
Ladakh (UT)0.09%Uttarakhand1.39%
Chhattisgarh0.41%J&K (UT)1.62%
Arunachal Pradesh0.66%Punjab2.56%
Jharkhand0.71%Uttar Pradesh2.66%

Acute focus on ensuring the nationwide implementation of Test Track and Treat strategy has  led to 1,10,24,491 samples tested for COVID-19 identification. The tests/day also continue to depict an upward trend- during the last 24 hours 2,83,659 samples have been tested.

The testing lab network in the country is further strengthened with 835 labs in the government sector and 334 private labs, there are as many as 1169 labs in the country. These include:

• Real-Time RT PCR based testing labs: 614 (Govt: 382 + Private: 232)

• TrueNat based testing labs: 458 (Govt: 418 + Private: 40)

• CBNAAT based testing labs: 97 (Govt: 35 + Private: 62)