Massive Carnage at Wisconsin Sikh Gurudwara leaves 6 Devotees Dead

In a massive Carnage at a Gurudwara in  Wisconsin, United States at least 6 people have been reported dead. The Carnage took place around 11 AM (local time ), when a Sikh priest had specially come from India to address the gathering.

A heavy build, bald white male wearing a sleeveless T-shirt came up at the Gurudwara located at Oak Creek, and started firing. When  a 911 call  was made about 10:25 a.m. (11:25 a.m. ET), a Police Officer rushed to the spot  and killed the shooter, but the officer himself got several bullets.

The officer was wounded but “returned fire, and that shooter was put down,” said Bradley Wentlandt, the police chief in nearby Greenfield, who briefed reporters. Investigators who picked through the building afterward found four bodies inside the temple and two other victims outside, plus the gunman, Wentlandt said.

The wounded officer, a 20-year veteran, was in surgery Sunday afternoon after being shot multiple times, but was expected to survive, Wentlandt said.

At least three men, all with gunshot wounds, have been admitted to Froedtert Hospital, the Milwaukee region’s main trauma center, said Nalissa Wienke, a spokeswoman for the hospital. One victim was shot in the head and extremities and another in the abdomen. The third was undergoing evaluation.

Though early reports had suggested there may have been more than one attacker, officers have not identified any other gunmen.

The temple was preparing for a meal which was scheduled to take place later in the day. Up to 400 guests were expected but not that many people had arrived when the gunman opened fire.

Witnesses suggested that women and children would have been at the temple preparing for the meal. Children’s classes were due to begin at 11.30am.

About 300 to 400 people were reported to be at the gurdwara during the time of the shooting. It was built about 6-7 years ago, and is spread over an expansive area. More than a dozen ambulances have been parked outside the temple.

Media reports said about 12 children have been held hostage. The president of the temple is also reportedly shot and has been rushed to the hospital, they said.

“We do not know if there are additional shooters at the temple,” he said. The officer has been transported to hospital and was expected to survive.

Ven Boba Ri, a member of the temple’s committee, said the man started shooting after he walked up to a priest who was standing outside, and shot him. Then he went inside and started shooting.

“We have no idea,” he said of the motive. “It’s pretty much a hate crime. It’s not an insider.”

The president of the Sikh Temple, Satwant Singh Kaleka, was said to be one of the shooting victims. It was not initially known if he survived.

The spokesman said tactical operations are ongoing and that the situation was “very fluid”.Police said another shooter could be inside the gurdwara. According to the Milwaukee Sentinel, the head priest of the gurdwara was locked inside a restroom with a cell phone.

“I just want to say this temple was built a number of years ago and there have never been any problems with this temple,” Oak Creek Alderman Dan Jakubczyk said. “They’ve been a plus to this city and to my district.”