What does Colored Square on Toothpaste Tubes tell you ?

Did you know that Toothpaste Tubes have  information about its composition in the form of Color Codes at the Bottom? Check the square at the bottom of the tube and match its color with following table.

Green: Natural;
Blue : Natural + Medicine;
Red : Natural + Chemical composition;
Black : Pure chemical.

Dear Readers,

This is a false messages being propagated via chain Mails, Social Media and various other means.  The color has got nothing to do with the Chemical Composition. According to FDA rules, the Chemical Composition has to be printed in words on the tube or wrapper of the Toothpaste.

Tooth Paste Color Square CodeThe colored square  on tubes referred to in the message, are  related to the packaging process. The marks are known in the packaging industry as “eye marks” (or sometimes “eye spots”). They do not in any way indicate the chemical content of the tubes they are displayed on, regardless of what colour they are. That is not their role.

Eye marks can be identified by electronic eyes used in sophisticated modern packaging machinery. The marks serve a variety of packaging purposes such as telling the machine where to cut and crimp tubes or indicating the desired colour of print on packaging. Many products have such eye marks, although they may not always be visible to consumers as they are on tubes.
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    If the FDA is so ‘concerned’, why aren’t they promoting color coding like what is mentioned above so consumers will know what they are buying? Your post does NOT provide ANY comfort about what was previously posted; besides, how do we know that what YOU posted is in fact true?