VIT University Professor removed after starting Online Petition?

Vellore: Dr. Ted Moallem, a senior Professor at VIT University has been allegedly fired after he started an online petition against some gender based discriminatory practices at the VIT campus. Prof. Theodore Moallem is from New York, and was a MIT Researcher in Past.

Dr. Ted Moallem

A Pic of Dr. Ted Moallem taken from Facebook

According to the updates provided by the Petitioner, he has been asked not to leave Vellore by the Police and report to Police Station everyday.

He was even denied permission to attend the L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) Founders’ Day festivities in Hyderabad along with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

“I am required to meet with Vellore police for the third day running. My movement is restricted, my plan to attend an event in Hyderabad tomorrow is “not permitted”. The police have visited the homes and questioned the families of my co-worker, one of my students, and the owner of the house where I am staying. All are terrified”, says Dr. Moallem.

Another website reports that those students who even met him ever since the expulsion have also come under the gamut of investigations and questioning.

The Petition was addressed to the G. Viswanathan, Chancellor of VIT University with a request to allow two female students to continue their studies.

The Hindu reports that two female students of VIT were sent home earlier this month after they posted Facebook comments questioning rules imposed on girl students inside the VIT Campus.

Commenting on the student dismissal issue, Sekar Viswanathan, vice president of VIT University says “The students started a campaign based on the misplaced notion that the university discriminates against women, which is not true. They were taken home by their parents”.