Justin Bieber bags Calvin Klein endorsement deal 

First Published by IANS on 25 Jul, 2014 at 10:38 PM IST under Hollywood

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Los Angeles: Singer Justin Bieber’s has landed an endorsement deal with Calvin Klein (CK) and shot a campaign for the brand’s underwear range.

The 20-year-old joins the ranks of supermodels Kate Moss and Lara Stone who modelled for CK.

Although it’s not known how much Bieber got for the campaign, Moss’ first CK contract was worth a reported $1.2 million – later rising to $4 million, dailymail.co.uk reports.

“Justin has shot for Calvin Klein, we hope the results will be released later this year,” said a source from the brand.

Just last week, Bieber posted a photo of his tattooed body in his Calvin Klein underwear, and was also seen wearing the brand as he hiked up Runyon Canyon in California and then arrived home in Los Angeles.

In April, it was rumoured he would appear in a campaign with Kendall Jenner, who also posted a picture of her clad in her CK underwear, with the message: “Just going to hang out in #myCalvins all day! Thank-you Calvin Klein for my little gifts.”

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