Dalit girl attends Madarsa for Urdu education

Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh), Apr 21 (ANI): A 14-year-old girl is setting up a perfect example for communal harmony as the Hindu – Dalit girl who is attends Urdu classes. Bhawna has been attending Madarsa since childhood and excels in the language. She has won many competitions in the language and has set a perfect example for others with her actions.When she grows up, Bhawna wants become a police officer and build a house for her parents. Even as a young girl she is dedicated towards the cause and wakes up early morning to read Azzan, at the nearby Madarsa. After attending the Madarsa, she heads to her school Saraswati Sishu Mandir with her friends, where she studies in call 6th.An inspiration to all, even her friends supports her inclination towards Urdu and celebrate festival of every religion with her be it Eid, Diwali or Holi. For them there is no discrimination among religion. Bhawna is well supported by her family who appreciate her dedication towards Urdu and are used have waking up to her Azaan calls in the morning. Her father Kishor Meghwal that her action is increases the feeling of brotherhood in the locality and as parents they never had any objection about their daughter’s affection towards Urdu. Besides Urdu, Bhawna also follows all the Hindu prayers, and even prays to Hindu Gods with her friends.

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