Shanti Dynamite Husband

By BP Staff On 7 Jan, 2014 At 12:37 PM | Categorized in Bollywood, Featured
Shanti Dynamite

The only Khan who is a bachelor in Bollywood is Salman Khan and he has a colorful history of  Love life . Starting from Sangita Bijalani and now currently ending with Romanian Iulia Vantur. Now Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite has fallen in love with Dabangg Khan for his work and has revealed that she wants…Continue Reading…

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Shanti Dynamite posing for pics with a Santa Claus

For all you grownups, Santa is a mere fantasy but when you have a Santa Claus as hot as Shanti Dynamite many of you would love to see this fantasy come true. The sensational Playboy TV Girl Shanti Dynamite has been spotted flaunting black hot dress standing near a Santa Claus. She exhibited the festival by…Continue Reading…