Bihar police to offer phaeton ride to Patnaites

PATNA: The Bihar Police has decided to provide Phaeton ride on the pattern of metros like Mumbai and Kolkata to the common public twice a week at a nominal rate.

Although the Phaeton ride, which used to be part of official ceremonial entourage during the British Raj and rule of the rajas and maharajas, became part of the presidential entourage in the post-Independence period. Security hazards in the recent times paved the way for the luxurious cars. In 1960s and 1970s, Phaetons were also mode of transport in some places, including the state capital.

The Bihar police currently have two Phaetons which are used during the marriage season, mostly used by grooms. One such Phaeton (baggi) ride would hired out to the public throughout the year on the payment of a nominal sum. Sources in the police headquarters told TOI that it would be part of entertainment for those who want to take a joyride in the evening.

This apart, the Phaeton ride would also help the state capital in acquiring a kind of metro culture. While the Phaeton ride in Mumbai has become cynosure of onlookers in Marine Drive, one can also see such a sight near Kolkata’s historic Fort William.

Unlike in Mumbai and Kolkata where the Phaeton operators are from the general public, in patna it would be under the supervision of Mounted Militarty Police (MMP) personnel. This would ensure that those who take Phaeton ride are fleeced extra money. Sources further said the Phaeton ride would be run on trial basis every Saturday and Sunday from one end of Eco Park to the other end and back. Each person going for the ride would have to pay Rs 50 per ride. The ride would be available between 5 pm to 6.30 pm.

Phaeton would be drawn by two horses with Havildar Krishna Murari Singh and constable Pramod Kumar on the driving seat. The two horses would be taken care of by Sais Shankar Chowdhary. The two horses, which have either become old or do not participate in any BMP contest, would be used for such kind of joy ride.

Sources further said the ADG (BMP) A C Verma had mooted the plan which was endorsed by the DGP Neelmani. If the public response is good, the two-day ride would be extended further, the sources said.