Rain in Nepal causes flood fear in Bihar

Gopalganj, June 25: Incessant downpour in Nepal for the last 24 hours has increased the threat of flood in the district. The rain has swollen the river Gandak and the water level has been increasing with each passing moment.

Altogether two dozen houses at Gamhari village under Tengrahi panchayat have been inundated and eaten up by the swirling waters.

Harendra Yadav, Vimal Yadav and Rajbali Chaudhry, along with other affected families, have taken shelter on the Vishnupur embankment. Land is getting eroded at Kisan Bhavan at Dharmpur village under Sadar block at a fast pace and till the filing of this report, it is feared that Kisan Bhavan will cease to exist within two more hours.

The executive engineer of the flood control department, R.K. Jaiswal, told that last evening 56,000 cusecs of water was released through Balmiki Nagar barrage.

The water level of Gandak was increasing continuously, swelling up the river. The threat of flood is looming large on the district.

He said all the links have been demolished at Balmiki Nagar barrage owing to which it has become difficult to gauge the increase in water level. Efforts are being made to register the increase, he said.

On the other hand, anti-erosion work at Semaria, Patraha and Dobha is going on war footing.