Bihar tops the country in GDP growth rate

Bihar has been setting trends ever since the economic reforms started 6 years back. An another statistics has come which indicates Bihar’s extra-ordinary performance in the economic matters.In 2010-11 fiscal year,Bihar attained a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Growth rate of 14.15%. at 2004-05 prices.

It is followed by Chattisgarh where growth rate during the same fiscal year was 11.57%. This was followed by Uttar Pradesh,whose GDP at constant prices grew by over 8% in 2010-11. Madhya Pradesh grew by 8.49% in 2009-10 (GDP data for this state for 2010-11 are still not up. Orissa’s economic performance has been excellent, howvever its growth rate was not satisfactory 2010-11.

This is in sharp contrast with country’s GDP which grew marginally by 8.15%.Developed states like Karnataka, Maharashtra,Punjab (with exception to Gujrat) have comparatively low GDP growth rates.Another trend which indicates Bihar performance is that during 2004-05 fiscal Bihar’s economy was 80.3% that of Punjab while in 2010-11 fiscal it rose up to 94.5%.