India launches Aakash -The Cheapest Tab of World

Akash TabAfter producing world’s cheapest car Nano, India  has again made a landmark in the field  of Science and Technology when it  unveiled the World’s Cheapest Tablet PC Aakash (meaning Sky). It has definitely stolen the show from the much hyped release of iPhone 4S. Technology Experts around the world are busy wondering how such a low cost device could be built and its utility.

A small step from India, A giant Leap for the Technology.
This Low Cost Access Device (LCAD) is priced around Rs 2250 or 45 USD shall be made available to students at 50 percent discount. It will help the users to perform mediocre computing tasks such as Word Processing, Internet Surfing, Image Processing, Music and Video Playing etc. Aakash can also be used as an ebook reader. A student will be able to access online streaming of course material and web-based research. It will have Wireless Lan 102.11g (Wi-Fi) connectivity and can also be connected to 3G Mobile Services.

Below are few less known facts about it.

It has  256 MB RAM, a 2GB SD memory card, and 32 GB expandable memory card slot.

It has been developed by a Team of Experts from IIT Rajasthan. A B.Tech. student of IIT Delhi developed the first cut of the design. His father, Prem Kalra, later became director of IIT, Rajasthan and took the project to the logical conclusion.

It has a 7 inch touch screen and sports Andriod Froyo Operating System

It has a high-definition video co-processor for good multimedia experience.

Two full-size USB ports are integrated into the unit.

Its launch had been deferred from 2005 to 2009 and from 2009 to 2011.

It tab uses around 35 percent component from South Korea, 25 percent from China, 16 from the US, 16 from India and rest from around the world.

Currently it is being manufactured by Datawind- A Canadian Firm. About 100,000 tablets would be given out to students over the next year. Presently the company is producing 700 tablets daily at its Hyderabad facility and is expected to increase its capacity to 100000 units per month. Datawind has set up Hyderabad manufacturing facility only for Aakash.

Very Soon, other companies will also be allowed to manufacture the tablet independently as there would be no licensing restrictions.

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